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NOTE from webmistress!
*low whistle*'s been a while since I've updated this site, eh? A whole year and 2 weeks. *shakes head* Man. It seems so long ago....Anyway. In the spirit that I'm currently in (aka the Spirit of Reviving Dead Projects even though I'm still starting new projects), I've decided to re-open this site. ^__^ Just wait, in a month or two, this site will be up and running again! Just give me a while to read the book a couple of times, scorge the net in search of info, update all my infomation thingies (including the map and what-not), think up of a new lay-out, and draw up some fan-art! (If you have any info or what-not that you'd like to submit, I'd really appreciate it! Please e-mail it to!

This is a site for Micheal A. Stackpole's fantasy novel, Talion: Revenant. Why bother, you ask? Because I really like the book, because there's none else out there, and because I'm bored.

Revenant --One who returns from the dead; an apparition or ghost.

Last coffee break started June, 11th 2000

Stackpole Mentions Talion: Revenant in Chats
Yes, I'm sad to say that somewhere in this very room there is a little teenage girl who searches through chats for off-hand references to a certain obscure book. Aren't you glad you ain't me?

Stackpole, saying he is going to do another Talion novel in a chat recorded here
An off-hand referance to Talion: Revenant, recorded here chat in Febuary, 2000.

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