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A few words of caution in the use of my site. First of all, it was encoded using mostly IE centric code, and many elements may not display properly in Netscape. Secondly, the fontface used is a windows standard font, Westminster. If you do not have this TTF file my page will look rather large and blocky, or very small, depending on the character set your browser substitutes in. Please right click on the above link, and save it somewhere to your harddrive. After installation, please restart your computer so the font may be enabled for all applications.Self Extracter For 2000,NT. Self Extracter For 95,98,ME,XP Next, my navigation menu is done completely in JavaClass, and if your browser does not either support it, or it is turned off, navigation through my site will unfortunately be difficult for you. To navigate, if you are having trouble doing so, click here to fix that. Third, due to bandwidth constrictions, my site music is limited to the GIR Dance Sections... Please view each once, dont keep refreshing. Thats not fair to my meager bandwith .A word of caution, if you somehow stumble across my clock and DHTML pages, make sure you aren't doing anything important on your computer, because both sections are very CPU intensive, and have bad habits of crashing browers. That said, have fun.