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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs



(From The Star Wars Holiday Special)


Oh the Holiday Special.... Mere words cannot describe thy horrors. Besides the first appearence of Boba Fett in a cartoon short (mounting evidence now points to it being planned as being released prior to A New Hope in theatres in the '78 rerelease, but it was cancelled) another advantage to the horrendous variety show is that during the cantina sequence you can see the aliens in a much brighter light. Some of them, such as Zutton here, were modified costumes from the movie. Here it seems that Snaggletooth was made to look more like his action figure. He's also one of the few refered to by name, such as Ludlow, who looks an awful lot like Greedo. Also look for Ponda Boba's return with a short sleeved jacket and his old flipper hands. I've left the reference photo uncropped so you can see most of the madness.


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