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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs




Soon after I made Zutton, I found out that Hasbro decided to make him also. They wanted the new line of figures to have two Snaggletooths as well (Snaggleteeth?) and since the original Snaggletooth is actually based on the character from the Holiday Special, that's who Hasbro is basing theirs on. Scary huh? Anyway, to make Wiokettle I put on a softgoods Leia dress, colored blue. I had to cut off the arms of the dress though since it didn't really fit that well. I then added a light blue General Lando cape. This is th eonly figure I have thats female made from male figure parts. The buffness of the original POTF2 Greedo, under the soft goods dress, makes it look a bit, oh how shall I say... busty.


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