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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Lumas Etima


I'm glad I had a few Arena Jedi that are more unique than Obi and Qui-gon Jedi Duels. Honestly, I wasn't sure how this figure would turn out. I had a cloakless F/X Obi-Wan body lying around for a while, and was finally able to find parts to make it complete. I used a Darth maul skirt, but due to the wide stance it didn't really fit. A soft goods cloak worked wonders however, covering it up and sticking to the paint, which never completely dries on the vinyl. The head is from Naboo Obi-Wan with his Padawan braid reattached (I didn't think Winso had one until the very last time I checked my ref pics) and a Ceremonial Leia braid for a ponytail. The saber blade also had ot be replaced so I made it blue for variety. The early POTF2 exagerated stance actually fits in quite well with the Saga Jedi.

UPDATE - This Jedi got officially named, so I changed his name and gave him a ref pic from the movie. I also don't have the figure anymore, since technically the Human Jedi from the Clone Wars 3 pack is Lumas (or at least they used his picture)


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