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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs



My 300th FIgure!


Well, seems I've hit the same milestone as Hasbro is about the same amount of time (though I didn't start customizing till '98) I was trying to think of something special to do, a figure that would be totally unique when it hit me - a lot of people repaint vintage figures to make them more accurate, so what if I did the reverse? Of all the vintage figures, it's the four cantina aliens (can you believe theres only four?) that are by far the most inaccurate. I picked Walrusman since I thought he'd be the best of the four to do. Hammerhead would've just been Momaw Nadon with a blue vest, Greedo was just a limegreen jumpsuit, sans vest (and i don't have the right paint) and technically I already did Snaggletooth. I really like how he turned out, especially his eyes, and who knows, maybe I'll be starting a trend here.

UPDATED - Just some new, brighter orange paint. Also it seems I'm still the only one who does customs like this, but at least i've now done quite a bit.


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