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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


The Unknown Stormtrooper

(from The Alderaan Factor)


In one of Marvel more touching stories, Princess Leia is stranded on a desert planet with a Stormtrooper (who oddly enough was flying a TIE Fighter.) We never learn the trooper's name, but we do learn he was from Alderaan. Leia is shocked that he continues to side with the Empire, but he has his own reasons. He looks remarkably like Hasbro's Obi-Wan head, which looks nothing like Ewan MacGregor. I cut off the braid and ponytail, and colored the hair black before headswapping with a Stormtrooper Luke. I then used a bit of Logray bird skull beak, painted brown, and glued to oen of those littel rubberbands that come with all the figures nowadays, which I painted gold.


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