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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Lt. Jaras Starfire (Rogue 7)


Simple figure, complicated history. If you look behind Luke and Dak as their getting in their snowspeeder you can see two people getting in a showspeeder behind them. One is wearing Red Leader's helmet, then other has on Tiree's. What's basically common knowledge now is that Lucas made a bunch of different helmets for A New Hope, and then just reused them for the other two films. I was happy that this let me redo this helmet, sice I think my skills have improved a bit since last I made one. Now that the figure was made I wanted a name for him. I found lists on a few websites trying to figure out who everyone was in the Hoth battle, and ROgue 7 was the only snowspeeder that had both pilot and gunner named, and they were both male, so I chose to use those names for my figures. The gunner will be coming soon.


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