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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Red Leader's R5 Unit


Kinda a neat eagle eye custom, this R5 can be glimced behind Red 1's head in his X-Wing. The real way I could make it out was in a decipher card that I can't find the image of anymore. I thought the head design was definatly unique, and it was the only thing I could see so I kinda guessed on the rest.

UPDATED - The Official Site put up a wonderful picture of this R5 Unit, so I redid mine to reflect how it actually looks. I only wish they did this for all their astromechs (I really wanna know how many Imperial astros were at the Emperor's arrival.)

UPDATED AGAIN - The Star Wars Action Figure Archive also has a picture of this R5, including a back picture. I went ahead and totally redid the front though, trying to get the lines thinner and cleaner.


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