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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Rebel Briefing R5 Unit


Eagle-eye! Visable for oh about 7 frames is an R5 and R3 unit. When we get an offical R3 for me to mess with Ill make that one too, but anyway, it had a cool design so I made it. Theres a much better reference picture in Star Wars Chronicles, but my scanner is broken. To find it in the actual film, you can see it on the bottom left hand side of the screen when the camera follows in the Rebel Generals. Keep your finger on the pause button.

UPDATED - I had lost my Chronicles book and so had to do this custom based on a small grainy pic, that used to be my ref pic on this page. Once I found the book I totally redid the markings. I'm actually still not 100% sure of the color on the droid. First I thought it was a dark purple, then maybe dark red, I settled on maroon, but when it came time ot do the custom I thought dark purple again. Now I think it's brown, but I have no way to ever tell. Sometimes I wish a book was released of every Astromech color scheme they've ever used.

UPDATED AGAIN - I finally found a shot of the front of this droid! What're the odds? Turns out I was right about the brown, but incredibly wrong about the front of the droid.


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