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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Nute Gunray (Seperatist)


This custom might really need some changing in a month or so. at first i had intended to use Nute's body for Reegis Kairn. I hadn't seen the character except in Aurra Sing's Force File, in which case he was a modified Bib Fortuna head photoshopped onto a Nute Gunray body. I knew he was probably not an original Hasbro creation, and with the same shipment as my Nute, I also recieved the comic he was in. He was totally different from the shoulders down, now shown in the Hasbro pic. Well, I knew of only one other place Nute might be showing up so I found a spy photo of him from AotC and did what I could. The hat is actually made up of a cut Endor Leia skirt from the Leia Collection.


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