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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Boss Nass (Vintage)


I've had an extra Boss Nass for quite some time now, and since I seriously doubted that I'd be getting rid of him in a trade, I had to think of something to do with the fat frog. Someplace, I think Adam Pawlus's Q and A (not sure so no link to it :)) compared the Ep1 Nass to the PotJ Nass, saying that the first one looked practically like a vinatge figure in comparison. And so inspiration struck. I repainted him to be in only four colors (brown, yellow, green and black) and gave him a vintage style robe, which I made out of paper. The green of his skin is identical to vintage Greedo's, btw. I also scrapped the paint of his staff, since almost all vintage weapons were unpainted.


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