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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs



(from Jango Fett: Open Seasons)


Montross was rather similar to Jango's outfit, but the suble differences added up, and he's a main character so I figured I'd make him. He's bared armed at the end of the 1st issue, and for all of the 2nd, but I didn't have bare arms to swap out or anything. You can't see it in the ref pic or the figure, but he has a brown emblem of some kind on his helmet and on the figure his outfit is actually a deep blue, only when the light from the scanner hit the blue Sharpie it made it look like his wearing purple satin of some kind. Who knows, maybe he does at home, but definatly not while on the job! He has brown hair in the comic so I painted Jango's hair brown underneath, though I didn't think a scan really mattered. Lastly, Montross is a name that Lucas used in every draft of Star Wars, except for the final one. There's a possibility that it'll show up attached to someone in Episode 3, and you can bet it won't be this character here.


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