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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs




Oooh soft goods! At first I wasn't gonna do this custom cause I couldn't figure out what to do for his turban. I figured I'd buy an extra Ketwol (Low Tek spelled backwards - a mask in an era of CGI) and try and figure something out. The answer turnout out to lie in soft goods. Most of his turnban is a Bespin Leia skirt. Then I took the bottom of an ANH Leia skirt and colored it red w/ white stripes, rolled it up and glued it on. Now I had the outfit to deal with. Melas never had any legs, so I just used the Ketwol legs, only I'd color the details. In the actual film you only see his head, but the Decipher card shows his torso, so I used the for the reference. Lastly, he little bong thingy is the top of Boba Fett's backpack.


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