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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Mace Towani

(from The Ewok Adventure)


There's definatly something odd about the fact that Bespin Luke looks more like Eric Walker, who played Mace in the Ewok TV movies, than Mark Hamil (if you don't who he played, please leave.) In fact Bespin Luke seemed perfect for the custom - including the jumpsuit. As for the vest, I basically fudged it, just not coloring in where it would be. It's pretty effective I think. While many older Star Wars fans seem to detest the Ewoks, I was of the latter generation of Star Wars fans (being born in '79) and so I've always loved them. Nowadays I find the second movie to be more to my taste, though it's odd hearing the Ewoks speak English (or Basic I suppose...) though sadly Mace isn't in it for very long. It seems that Lucas said he made the second film for his daugther, who loved Mace's sister Cindel. So Lucas killed off her entire family in the opening scenes so the film would focus on Cindel (this should have tipped us off to The Phantom Menace being geared to kids. Not something I was particularlly against (though I still cringe whenever Anakin says "yippie") What I really don't get is, if Lucas's daughter loved Cindel so much - why did he KILL her family! Oh well, at least Mace got a few shots off.


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