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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Leia Organa-Solo (Lelila Disguise)

(from The Crystal Star)


Yeah, I didn't like the book either, but familiar characters in odd disguises make for some cool looking figures. For Leia in her unrealistic bounty hunter disguise I used Mara Jade legs with Endor Leia Torso. I then decorated her face as described in the book, and also gave her hair extentions. As much the book totally destroyes continuity, the fact that Alderaanians like Leia never cut their hair was paid attention to (name one other in any of the literature who did), and her hair was described as being down to her knees. Unfortunatly the fact the everyone had to go into a weird disguise and sneak around, while an artificial planet and star flew through hyperspace with centaurs and dragons being led by another apprentice of Darth Vader from another mysterious race who are human except they have streaked hair, who kidnapped Leias kids again from a planet where kidnapping is no big deal because they have wolfkids that turn into humans with four arms after going into a cocoon and theres also a slab of gold meat who has no real purpose in the world who sometimes heals, sometimes eats people in a station around a star that was becoming a crystal, was never paid attention to by the Lucasfilm editors. Phew. Rant over.


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