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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Leesub Sirlin


Once more I find myself with extra parts that work. At this point my extra parts customs are becoming an incresingly large population of my figures. No compalints really, as I find they're usually my most creative figures, if not always as acurate as I strive to be. This is Leesub made from Endor Leia legs, Mara Jade torso and arms, and a highly modified Adi Gallia head. Most Leesubs have white skin like the Decipher card photo, but if you can spot her in the Cantina (look all the way to the left when the camera pans across for the first time) she's not that pale. The Decipher pic was a semi colorized black and white photo that can be found in Star Wars Chronicles. Oddly enough, her hands are the one thing you can never see, so who knows, maybe she has gloves...


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