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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs




Technically this is a Vintage Style custom. The vintage Barada has red pants, a yellow shirt, and two pouches on his chest. The actual creature of Barada (one of the few names to properly carry over to the EU) has blue pants, a white shirt, and two punches on his shirt. Kithaba (the only other Klatooinian in Jabba's gang) has red pants, a yellow shirt on over a white one, and three pouches on his chest slung in the other direction. I figure once he figure was sculpted at Kenner, they wrong reference pic was used to color the figure. After repainting clothes, I just drew on a third pouch, obviously not reversing the direction (Kithaba's Decipher card image is flipped btw) and then I also reversed the direction of his belt, cut off some gear and repainted the pouches. He shoudl have a bit more of a skirt, but I didn't have anything to fit right. For his head and hands i recolored all his yellow skin brown. Barada has the worst colorwash I've ever scene. Yellow with green over it is not only the wrong color, but just look bad - especially since they paint the headband first and then giev it a green wash too! This is how it should've looked on the Hasbro figure in the first place.


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