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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Keyan Farlander


What? I hear you say - Shouldn't he be in the Expanded Universe? Well keep it down! I don't know why I can hear you from way overthere, but I digress. Well, if you look closely (and I suppose now you don't have to cause I've got the pic right here for you) when Luke gets back from blowing up the Death Star a bunch of people rush over, including two pilots. Two pilots, niether of which are Wedge. I suppose the escaping Y-Wing held two. Though the one with the helmet (a previously unseen design) looks suspiciously like Bren Quersy, who had a different helmet at launch, and was in an X-Wing, but since Keyan was in the Y-Wing, thats hwo I gave him his name. Long story for a one second character huh?


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