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Joclad Danva


No, Sar Labooda is not the dinosaur looking Jedi Council member who Jango shoots and kills. It was debated whether or not that Jedi was Sar Labooda or Coleman Trebor, but Coleman won out. So who really is Sar Labooda? Well, offically he's no one. Just a name in an article on HoloNet News. I, however, decided to go against my usual policy of using generic names (like Arena Jedi Knight) if no offical name had been released since there are just so many Arena Jedi. I gave Sar Labooda to this Jedi because the name is fairly well known by now, and this Jedi is also fairly prominant - being in several Making Of videos and two trailers. He's the one who comes spinning across screen with two sabers.

UPDATED - Sar here, is actually Joclad, as revealed at The Offical Site in the first of hopefully several rounds of Arena Jedi identification.


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