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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs




This custom seems like a natural for me, so why did I take so long? I never really thought it was intended that IG-88 be in the trash insinerator, they just tossed in whatever they had to make the room look full of garbage. IG-88's body did wind up being rather visable of course, though 4-LOM's body is in there as well, and so it a TIE Pilot outfit. Who knows, maybe some author will pick up on it and concoct and explanation story for them as well. If anything I'd expect it to be in Star Wars Tales, but that's just me. I've heard that IG-88B is also identifed as IG-72 in a West End Games suppliment, though I can't really verify that, as I haven't read about 75% of their stuff. This figure was originally going to be the heroic IG droid from The Rebel Four but I couldn't find a good way to get the smock to look right.


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