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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Gray 5


At first this custom was gonna be helmetless. In the Rebel Briefing room there's a Y-Wing pilot with a heavy beard, and since there no bearded Y-Wing pilot shown in a Y-Wing cockpit during the actual Death Star assault, he's gotta be different from one of the ones I already made. Then, when I was playing Rebel Assault II to see what pilots I could make from there, I saw a female pilot with a Y-Wing helmet on that had markings I'd never seen before. All the helmets used in the game were taken from prop helmet from the film - no new ones were made, so it must've been one of the ones used in the briefing room as a prop, but never used in a cockpit shot. Since I love making new helmets, I made it and gave it to my helmetless figure.


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