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Well, I've now run out of Ewoks that have been given offical names. I did however find a list of Ewok names compiled by someone on some website of "Ewok name examples" and well, that's good enough for me. Grael, as I now call him, is around Romba all the time, throughout the Ewok sequences, and even looks a lot like him, only his fur is a bit fluffier and yellower. A lot of the actors who played the Ewoks were siblings, so it's quite possible that they are indeed related. You can see Grael in the hunting party, as well as one of the Ewoks using the catapault. It's too bad I have to use the same Ewoks over and over again for customs, cause it's impossible to capture the fluffballness this Ewok has going on.

UPDATED - This Ewok also features prominantly in the Ewok TV movies. He's Wicket's brother, and his name is Weechee, so I went ahead and gave him the right name.


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