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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Droideka (Prototype)


About a year ago I bought an extra Droideka so I coudl make a folded up one. It sat for a while, and I could never quite figure out how I was gonna do it, and os the figure just sorta sat around. I came across the concept art with the Droideka before it's tripod legs were developed and thought I could use my extra Ketwol legs for something. I attached them with some R5-D4 leg pieces. I thought I was done, but then I noticed that the gun/hands were attached in very different ways. It doesn't totally match the scale, but I did get the mechanism mostly right. Scanning this figure was a challenge, since it came out very delicate. The scanner lid broke it in fact, so I had to just sorta hold the lid up while I hoped the figure would keep it's balance. If I can figure out a better way to get scans of it I will.


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