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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Doran Las (Rogue 7 Gunner)


Well, Dak is coming soon, so it was time to make a new snowspeeder pilot. Unless someone is even more eagle-eyed than myself (and I know of at least one person, though he doesn't make any customs) this is the last of the pilots out there (who are seen with different helmets of course.) Doran is a snowspeeder pilot with a helmet the same as Tiree's. Actually, pick up Insider #66 and look at the Hoth article and you'll see they pointed this pilot out. He has no offical name attached to him, so I gave him an offical snowspeeder pilot name that has no offical face to it (oh the convience...) Doran can be seen at Leia's briefing, as well as getting into the gunners cockpit behind Luke and Dak.


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