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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Depa Billaba


I've been holding off on this figure for a while now. It seemed easy enough to do, only I try not to make figures that I think Hasbro will get around to making at one point or another. Jedi make great figures. After seeing Phantom most people seemed to want to see all the Jedi Council made, and most still do, but while I doubted Depa would ever get made, her absence from the Arena Battle sort of clenched it for me. We didn't see her in battle then, who knows if she'll have more than four frames of screen time in Episode 3. Basically, she's boring. She's a Jedi, but she's boring. She's technically and alien, though her make-up consists of two gold pips on her face, her outfit is a brown dress with a loop on it, and she's female. No offence to any females out there, but Hasbro has said many times before that female figures never sell as well as males do, hence they produce fewer female characters. It just doesn't bode well for poor Depa. Anyway, obviously this is an Adi head on a Mon Mothma body. I trimmed Mon Mothma's outer robes to make both the loop thing, and a hood in the back. The scan really brought out the inconsistancy in the marker I used, but in real life it looks uniform, and about two shades darker for that matter.


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