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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Davin Felth


Yes, we already have a white pauldroned Sandtrooper (I try not to do customs of figures already made - no matter how badly they get screwed up) but I figured I could set the record straight on which trooper Davin is. A lot of people think he had an orange pauldron, when as you can see from the ref pic, it was white. He was also named as the trooper in the cantina, which most people assoiate with having an orange pauldron, but there are actually two who come in - one with orange, the other with white. Besides the white pauldron I also toned down the sand on the costume, raised the black band over his eyes (since it was just a stuck on piece of rubber, it was placed too high on a lot of Stormtroopers) and gave him the droid part in his right hand (look closely and you'll see it) which was made from the link of the old lave Leia's chain. Lastly I gave him the long rifle the COMMTech Stormie comes with, since he has that in the Cantina. It fits in a crease in his backpack (as does the Stormy rifle he comes with - look for a retangular hole in the bar on the right of the backpack)


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