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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Danz Borin (Cantina)


Yes, I already did a Danz Borin, based on the fact that he wore a white Gemini space suit, and I found a Gemini Astronaught action figure - my first and only stray outside of the Hasbro Star Wars line. Now though, I had the Ellors Madek body to work with (he and Nabrun Leids also wore it) and with the upcomign BoShek figure I'd have the proper helmet to give him (BoShek, Danz Borin, and the Cantina Dude all had them, though only BoShek took his off) It may be a month or two before he gets his helmet, but this was a Grab Bag custom, and so I worked with what I had.

UPDATED - Thanks to Matt Slaymaker who provided me with a free BoShek helmet. The Luke head has moved on to bigger and better things (well, actually another Cantina custom to soon be added) and I chopped up another useless TIE Pilot head to serve as a peg for the helmet.


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