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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Chall Bekan


I made Chall for two reasons - one, there's not to many figures you can make with an extra Mosserian (well there always Jedi right...) and also because up until the Cantina Aliens cinema scene was released I coulda swore Nabrun Leids had a silver jumpsuit. I admit I was wrong, but still, I wanted my silver Mosserian! Well, just as there's 3 Rodians in the Cantina, there's also 3 Mosserians. Chall, according to the Decipher card, is in a different outfit, but in the film he's not. Also, the reason why vintage Greedo is so wrong is because up until filming the Greedo mask was going to be on the Nabrun body and vice versa. Imagine his body painted white and you'll see what I mean.

UPDATED - I added the ref pic of Nabrun that made me think he (I also thought it was a she) was in a silver jumpsuit.


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