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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Cantina Dude


Finally I've done the Cantina Dude, an early staple of Star wars customizers. I never did him cause getting a helmet would've put me outside the Star Wars toy line (which is bad! Bad!) Now I'm glad I waited anyway, as this Cantina Dude is less bulky than Bossk, and the helmet that came with BoShek is the same as the one Cantina Dude wore. Under the helmet is the stump of the TIE Pilot head I used for my now deceased (thank god) Cruisemissle Trooper. I was glad to finally ride myself of it, though I still have an excess TIE Pilot head I hope to do something with besides an extraneous spare parts figure.

UPDATED - I added a nice full body shot of him, visable for about two frames. Behind him you can see another unnamed spacer, and a cantina character that very few people know about.


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