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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Bornan Thul

(from The Paradise Snare)


What're you lookin' at me for? Bornan's color scheme is exactly the same as it's described in the book. Well, ok the green scarf is my own addition, but it was there, so I had to incoporate it somehow. I always had plans to do Bornan eventually when I just had spare parts that would fit together right. I know the head is a bit small, and the arms a bit long, but the real secret is in the hands. You see I lost a lefthand somewhere along the way and now Bornan only has a right hand. So as to not make the custom look even odder for the page, I photoshoped him a right hand, made from his left. If you'd like to donate a fleshtoned Human right hand to me, please feel free :)

UPDATED - HUGE thanks to David Wirth who was kind enough to send me the severed arm of a Degobah Luke that had an unfortunate run in with a Sith Lawnmower! Now Bornan has two hands in real life as well!


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