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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Boba Fett (Panna)

(from The Star Wars Holiday Special)
MY 500th FIGURE!


Finally! My 500th Figure! Once again I had nothing special planned in advance, but I do really like this one, and found it oddly appropriate that I used Hasbro's 300th to make my 500th. I also made this one more accurate than any version I've ever seen before. I avoided this custom at first because the first Fett body was on steroids, and also because I didn't think I had the right colors. Now that I've seen the actual animation cels I see that there were only 5 colors used - white, yellow, light blue, brown, and gray. None of the tan color that most people use anywhere to be seen. Lastly I straighted one of his arms, which made it look a bit long, though I didn't add anythign extra. I've seen one other person do this and have the same problem. I'm assuming the arm looked out of proportion in it's real position so Hasbro made it a bit longer for cosmetic reasons.

UPDATED - I added a nice full body shot of Fett, though it has the part sof him that were light grey in almost every other shot as being dark blue. Gotta love consistant animation huh?


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