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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Cantina Brawler

(from Hegg's Tale)


Yeah I know, Brawler is a bit of an exageration, but if you read Hegg's Tale, which was one of the better Tales from Mos Eisley, you'll see a blue alien kicking some ass. My version wound up a LOT darker blue, and you can't see the purple highlights on her face. She also doesn't have tenticles on her head, but I had the Adi Gallia head, and it's just a background alien. While I'm on about that - somehow I don't think Adi is Corellian. Personally I think the bios of her and Depa Billaba got swapped and Challcedonis have tenticle heads.

UPDATED - Got a sky blue terra cotta marker (LOVE these things!) and repainted her. I used a blue Sharpie the last time (and they dry a shimmery purple) because my Testors paint marker would have made her sticky all over (stop those dirty thoughts pervert!) I also went over the gold with a gold terra cotta marker. I'm much happier with how she turned out now.


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