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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Endor Trooper (With Beard!)


I did more work to this custom than really shows. To get the beard on the trooper I cut of the bottom of Qui-Gon's face and swapped it with the bottom of his face. The cheeks don't quite match up either but it's kind of hard to see. I also repositioned the Trooper's arm correctly. I found out that the reason why his right arm looks like he's shaking hands is because he was gonna have his arms positioned to hold his rifle with both hands. At the last minute it was decided (not by the sculptors) that that would make the figure look too much like a G.I. Joe (owned by Hasbro btw) so they just straighted the arm. I cut and reversed a wedge in the arm and now he's back to normal. Oddly enough, though this is a recognizeable trooper, he has yet to be given a name.

UPDATED - Well, turns out my figure was totally inaccurate, so I switched his torso with a General Lando's and fixed it.


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