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Agen Kolar


Because the Adi Gallia look-a-like didn't look anything like Adi Gallia, they made up Stass Alli. I'm waiting for the Eeth Koth explanation. Not only does the Eeth Koth in the arena look nothing like he does in the Jedi Council chambers - he's not even the same race! Eeth is indian, this character is black. Nothing offical has been declared yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. I just rearranged Eeth Koth into Thee Thok. For the body I knew I couldn't use a regular Qui-gon body, so I held out until I could find the rarer soft-goods version. Jedi Duel Qui-Gon's body just wound't fit the face.

UPDATE - Hm, right, actually this update is happening before I've even posted this figure. I wrote all the above and then the Offical Site gave him a real name before I got around to posting. Far be it for me to erase everything I wrote previously :)


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