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Commander Elias Vaughn

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Commander Vaughn seems to be a Star Trek novel favorite. Originally created to be DS9's first officer, under Kira, he's been in at least four non-DS9 books so far. He's 100 years old, which in Star Trek life expectacy, puts him just past his mid-life crisis, and if possible I could create him in just about every Starfleet uniform back to the original crew's movie uniforms. Unfortunatly while the Old Riker head works well for his 100 year old self, a young Riker head would just make him look like Riker. I wasn't planning on using an Insurrection Worf body, but that's what I had on me. I was shocked that it didn't look funny, but hey - it worked! The bandolier was sanded down, and isn't very visible in real life - but boy did it show up well when scanned! Lastly I took a guess with his eyes. They're described as being blue in one book and brown in the other, but I choose blue since that's how they're described first.


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