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In the Original Series the Klingons were the bad guys. TNG had a Klingon officer. In TNG the Ferengi were the bad guys. DS9 had a Ferengi character. Voyager faced the Borg, and wound up with a Borg character. Continuing this tradition, DS9 was given a Jem Hadar character for it's re-launch. Taranatar was sent from the Dominion by Odo, in order to better understand the "Alphas" The ancient 20 year old Taranatar is pretty confused by the whole thing, but is one of my favorite new characters. I always thought that the Jem Hadar would look better in black, and here he his. Playmates Jem Hadar never worked for me, as the uniform pattern always looked too much like flowers for me. He's been described as wearing a commbadge, but not if it's Starfleet or Bajoran. I choose Starfleet because, one, it's easier to make, and two, because if it were being filmed it's probably what he'd have (even though logically it should probably be Bajoran since he's working off of Kira)


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