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Captain Sisko in Season 5 Uniform

My 900th Figure!


Here it is - figure 900! Actually, I made so many Star Trek figures so quickly that I'm not 100% sure if this one is really #900 or not. Still, it seemed appropriate, since this one came out so well. All the Star Trek figures after 1995 had generic jumpsuit bodies, and when it finally came time to make the grey jumpsuits Playmates still used the same scuplts, just with added ribbing on the top. If you look on the back of the Insurrection figures, however, you can see that the prototypes just had lines painted on the already existing body. At least they went the extra step for the last wave of figures they made (which btw makes these bodies a pain to find!). Also, for those who care - Sisko wound up with his grey uniform an episode after everyone else. The uniforms debuted in the series in Rapture, but in that episode he's wearing his grey captain's vest and jacket. There's also an admiral and a few Starfleet officers who still wear the TNG duty uniform, so I think at first the jumpsuits were meant to be an uniform change for the jumpsuit itself, with the duty uniform remaining the same. Guess that got lost in the shuffle - but I wonder what a Starfleet duty uniform looks like in the grey jumpsuit era. Lastly - I didn't touch the pips - Playmates did that!


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