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Captain Sisko in Medical Gown

(from Rapture)


Finally - the last of my figures in medical gowns. Figuring out what to do with all those Mutant Paris heads really pushed the creativity, but I'm glad it's over. Good thing no one else got hurt during the last 3 seasons of DS9 :) I was actually going to use a bunch of Odo figures to make a group of figures in Bajoran med gowns but my list got too long, and it would've cost way to much, especially since it wouldn't've looked right. Just for the record (since I made the damn list already) the figures you could've seen but won't are: Garak, Quark, Bariel, Odo, a Jem Hadar, Kurn, Sisko, O'Brien and Bashir. O'Brien was actually in the medical gown like five or six times!


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