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Lt. Mutant Paris


"Sorry about the mutation Tom - now get back to work!" What to do with leftover mutant parts? Put him on duty. Ok, now I'm glad that they made this figure so that I could make a few DS9 crewmembers in Federation medical gowns, but really - why does this figure exist? Why does this episode exist? Threshold seems to be universally considered the worst Star Trek episode ever - even worse than the one where some cave-chicks steal Spock's brain! There's many, many good reason for this as well. First off, Tim decides he can break the Warp 10 barrier. While this doesn't exist in real life, it was decided that for the new warp scale, Warp 10 would be the end of the scale. Simply put - in order to hit Warp 10 you'd be traveling at infinate speed (and as it's often described with - you'd technically then be everywhere in the universe simultaneously). So basically, Warp 10 isn't really a barrier, it's just a description of the fastest you can go. It's the end of the scale. Infinity isn't a number you just accelerate past. Beyond this whole speed nonsence, Lt. Paris manages to somehow do it, and what does traveling Warp 10 to do you? Apparently it causes you to evolve. How exactly going really fast can trigger a physiological effect is totally beyond me, but even more than that - evolution is a PROCESS. You can't trigger it. It's called natural selection because traits that help an organism survive also help that organism to pass those genes on. If you have a trait that hurts your surivial, you breed less until you wind up extinct. At the time I thought it would at least be cool to see a conception of what "future man" would look like, but what do we wind up with? A giant salamander. A giant salamander that already exists on Earth, just smaller. So to sum up, we have an impossible senario, leading inexplicably to an even more impossible situation, resulting in an unexplainable ending. Crapity crap crap!


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