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(from The Left Hand of Destiny)


I'll state up front that of the few Klingon books I've read, I hated all of them. Maybe it's that I don't have the hard-on for Klingons that more Trek fans have, but it seems that any novel dealing with a Klingon ship or a Klingon mission just shows them sitting around barking at each other, then killing and fighting, then back to yelling. Boring. Now that I've ranted - Left Hand of Destiny is one of the best Star Trek books I've read. Truely epic in scale, it really elevates Martok's story to a mythological level (prettymuch literally). Morjod begins by completely destroying the Great Klingon Hall, and killing everyone in the high council. I won't give away the rest but Martok goes on quite the journey in order to kill him. Morjod isn't really described in the novel, so I used a leftover Gowron head and Kurn body and gave it a slight repaint.


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