Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Lt. Sisko

(from Catalyst of Sorrows)


Seems a lot of command officers used to wear yellow when they started out. Sisko only appeared this way in one of the Lost Era Star Trek novels, which bridges in the giant gap between when Kirk gets sucked out of the Enterprise-B, until the launch of the D. There's sox so far, but hopefully they'll release more. Anyway, this is Sisko when he's just starting out in Starfleet. He was teemed up with Tuvok, whose figure I won't be makinf since I love DS9, but don't like Voyager at all. Sisko's body come fom one of the rarer figures of the line - Interstellar Geordi. Apparenlty "Interstellar" means "comes with a phaser rifle that shoots a missle" but whatever. Playmates at least repainted Season 1 Geordi in order to make Season 2 Geordi.


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