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Another of Playmates Teflon coated figures. I appologize for this one, it looks like a 3 year old colored it. The face is pretty man-ish as well, though that's not my fault :) I always thought the idea of Kes was cool - an alien with a 9 year life span on a show that planned to run 7 years. Too bad the rating got so terrible that they had to drag in two boobs with a Borg attached to them. It always seemed wierd to me that a show dedicated to equality like Star Trek would still have a so-called "babe" character on every incarnation. At least Dax was brainy. I at least thought that it was good continuity-wise to have 7 of 9 and Kes overlap on the series finale/premire but that must've sucked for Jennifer Lien (sis I get that right?) "Hey we're firing you, hope you don't mind working for a few episodes with your much, much hotter replacement. What really gets me about the Borg suddenly showing up on the show was that it seems that the showed up not only when ratings dipped, but also right after First Contact got to come and go, leaving all those very expensive sets! Unfortunatly I thought that the point of introducing (and killing) the Borg Queen was so that the TNG crew could finally defeat the Borg once and for all. Kinda took the edge of that movie away - especially since the Borg Queen just shows up again twice on Voyager. (Can you tell I didn't like the show?)


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