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Dr. Bashir in Dress Uniform

(from Rejoined)


It took four years, but Bashir finally got into his dress uniform. Playmates never made a male blue dress uniform, so this one is actually Geordi's painted that odd shade of turqouise that Playmates loved so much. In fact, all of the dress uniform figures they made used the same mold - Picard, Riker, Data, Geordi, Sisko, O'Brien - which really means that Bashir was the only one left out. You'll also notice that I left the commbadge as is. That was because I'm making these figures that way that I thin Playmates would've made them. And since they got really lazy towards the end of thier run, I don't think they'd've spared the expense of changing it either. This episode was the only time Bashir wore his dress uniform, not counting for Worf and Dax's wedding, when he also had 100 lbs of Klingon armor and robes over it. Bashir also has the distinction at least of being the only DS9 crew member in the series to be shown wearing the new white dress uniforms first seen in Insurrection. You know, the ones that make them look like waiters. Part of me thinks the costume designer saw that SNL episode that Patrick Stewart hosted.


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