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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs




I debated for a bit whether or not to make Yoxgit, mostly because he should be in a jumpsuit. I ultimatly decided that if I wanted to use the Ugnuaght head for anything in-universe, I may as well use it for a not-so-accuate custom than no custom at all.

UPDATE - It recently came to my attention that Yoxgit is wearing the exact same jumpsuit as Zutton, and since I had a spare Zutton body from my now-defuct Blue Snaggletooth figure, I decided to update this figure to "accurate" status. I also had to repaint the blue jumpsuit back to it's original red. The scan probably doesn't do it justice, but all the thick layers of paint make it look a lot more like leather than plastic.


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