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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Winter (Catherdral of the Winds)

(from Champions of the Force)


This one didn't turn out so well... I bought a new white marker that was supposed to not be sticky on more plastics than my other one. My other one was a bit sticky on the plastics used for arms, legs, and cloaks (that soft vinal stuff.) The new worked fine on the arms and legs, but was sticky as all hell on Winter's hair and dress. I screwed up and painted the legs white, and realized it made the figure look really stupid, but now the dress is so sticky I can't lift it to scrape off the paint. I'm gonna do a re-do with a different Leia in the future, cause I really hate the way this one turned out.

UPDATED - Well, the white paint isn't sticky any more for some reason, and after rereading the Bantam novels (yes, all of them, in order this time) I've decided to rename the parenthesis part of her name and give Winter (in this outfit) a proper place in the canon.

UPDATED AGAIN - I found a card of Winter from this novel, and lo and behold - she was wearing the outfit I thought I pulled out of my ass! Well, sorta...


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