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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Thenna Sunshadow


I never thought I'd make a figure from the atrociously bad Arena Padme figure, but it was the only bare-midriffed figure I had. I sort of gave up on the hair, knowing that the drawing was too complicated for what I could do, but in retrospect I probably should've added braids on her temples. Thenna's eyes were also slightly modified in Photoshop to make them a bit more asian-looking. In an effort to have a more diverse cast for the Sequels it was decided that Thenna's father would be Latino, her mother Asian, but I didn't have too many SW figures to use for that. A slight cause for confusion in the VS is why Drekka Montorra and Grau Talja had a daughter named Thenna Sunshadow. Well, in a bit of backstory too boring to make it into the film, Drekka's birth name is, in fact, Drekka Montorra. Master Talja, however, was born Grau Talja Sunshadow. When she left Drekka to join the Jedi she dropped her last name. Thenna, in a bit of teenage rebelliousness, changed her name to her mothers, much to Drekka's dislike.


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