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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Tatooine R4 Unit


Anyone know of a good DVD capture program? This droid was rather hard to spot, but he appears to be buying something from a vendor. He's in the background of the same shot that R5-D4 is in, but more to screen right. I'm still not sure how accurate he is, since he was hard to make out, and I have yet to see him anywhere else (though I heard rumors that he's shown on a card of one of the AtoC board games released last April) You also may notice that he's not really a pure white. That's because he used to be R4-I9, but since that figure is coming out soon, I had to repaint him his original color.

UPDATED - So I found a capture program, and also found out that my take on this droid was 100% wrong! In fact, Hasbro just made this droid as part of their Build-A-Droid waves.


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