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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Lord Sweetsin


My horrible little Senator Sidious concoction is no more. While wandering through the Red 6 Encyclopedia for ideas I saw that many of the male Naboo wore similar robes for the end celebration. So using an extra Obi-Wan head I head I not only made one of most obscure figures ever, but also imortalized an icon. "Lord Sweetsin," as Red 6 calls him, is played by none other than the Grand Poobah of Collectors himself, Steve Sansweet. 'Bout time he got his own figure don't yah think? I used an Obi-Wan head after chopping off his Padawan braid and ponytail. With those gone he doesn't look liek Ewan MacGregor at all, I really don't see why Hasbro can't make a good headsculpt of him. For the body I did a major repaint, and chopped down Palpatine's coat. The colors are a lot more vibrant that the quickcam captured, and I made the boots a darker maroon by coloring the red paint I used over with a purple Sharpie. He's very very glossy too since I had to use several coats to cover Palpatine's darker colors, and I also think I may have to redo the beard a little with a finer tip (he has a brown nose and lips...)


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