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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Senator Albacius Golemun


Senator Golemun was a bit of a holdover from the VS 1.0. In the previous story he was the main antagonist, and an evil leader. His name and disposition were both pulled over. His appearence, as well, hails from the time of the VS 1.0. He may look like a Chiss, but he is not. The 1.0 did away with the EU, but Golemun's appearence was based on Thrawn, as a bit of a nod to it. Golemun is in fact an Aralian from the Aral system in the Khuvere Regions. During the Clone Wars his system was near several Sepratist factory world. He begged for help in the Senate, but was ignored since the Republic believed that the Aral system wouldn't become a military target. Dooku arrived, however, forcing the system to join - or else. With little choice to join or be destroyed, Golemun signed his world over to the Confederacy. When droid factories were set up, the Republic launched a devestating attack. Now considered a traitor by the Republic, and a failure by the Seperatists, Golemun went into seclution for decades, only reemerging to lead a resistence again the Yuuzhan-Vong threat. With the conflict over, he returned to politics determined to set things right in the galaxy, or at least, right the way he sees it. The only color pic of Golemun that included his robes (just on his shoulders) had him in a a red one, but I changed it to a more regal purple.


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